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Geographical Information System (GIS) is a software driven system that stores geographically referenced data (also referred as Spatial Data or data that can be mapped) and links it with non-graphical attributes allowing a wide range of information and data processing which is helpful for analysis, planning, modelling and many other uses. GIS constitutes a significant part of a business framework for increasing data accuracy, customizing results as per needs, systematizing outputs and increase cost efficiency. Using GIS, we offer the project management consultancy services for the following:

Surveying & Remote Sensing

We understand that accurate spatial data like co-ordinates, locations, exact dimensions accompanied with relevant non-spatial data like land owner’s details etc form a significant ‘planning & decision-making tool’ of any governing agency or departments operating at various levels. With our specialized on-field team, we carry out various Surveys using latest GIS methodologies and techniques which are as under:
Cartography & Digitization Geomapping Image 2

Cartography & Digitization

We carry out cartography (preparation of maps) by converting existing maps into vector data (also referred as digitization). Our team uses the inputs provided in form of satellite images/ old existing maps and other such data to combine and create accurate geo referenced digital maps which helps in not only sustaining the maps for longer user on a digital platform but also help in processes like online mutation and proves to be a more efficient planning tool.

Benefits of using GIS for a better future